From our founder

“Why trust and integrity are the cornerstones of Epicon Solutions.”

I started out – and have worked almost entirely for the past 20 years – in the mining industry. Working in roles that ranged from product and sales management to business unit leadership helped establish a solid understanding of the industry at large, along with what’s needed for a commercially-viable product.

The work in many different regions around the world also helped form a global network of professionals from different cultures with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. It also gave me an appreciation of the importance to understand and respect different cultures and adapt your approach to them.

I believe that success in business, especially on a global level, comes from delivering on promises and focusing on action. The most valuable relationships are based on trust, which comes from being true to your word and walking the talk.

Epicon Solutions was started to take the lessons and experiences gained throughout my career and put them to use, helping ambitious companies think more strategically and expand into international markets. It also utilizes that global network of people, who are able to contribute not just capital but their own experiences and expertise, whether it is strategic, sales, or market knowledge.


Per Wennberg