A holistic approach

At the core of everything we do at Epicon Solutions are three main deliverables. Each one can be contributed on its own, but we prefer a more holistic approach that incorporates all of them together in some way. Every effort and endeavour is still unique, with its own details on execution, but all three should be integrated in various levels, which depends on the company and their goals.

Angel investment of "active capital"

We prefer to be more involved than most other investors. The capital that we invest in companies is “active capital”, which means that it comes with some sort of operational support from the investor to help those companies grow. At Epicon Solutions, we usually end up contributing our time and assistance in achieving specific goals that are most often tied to one of the other two deliverables.

Strategy advice to ensure growth

Thanks to a history of diverse and different roles, we have a unique and broad knowledge base. From intellectual property protection and contract management to value creation and product marketing, we understand many different areas of the business world. That expertise is key for thinking more strategically to build and grow a company. It’s an essential resource to not only help find solutions, but also discover avenues for new opportunities.

Experienced access to international markets

Our years of international business experience is a valuable asset. We not only have contacts around the world, with whom we’ve built trust, but also the experience and know-how to best utilize them or any new contacts for expansion. There are many requirements to reach international markets, which can prevent companies from attaining their global ambitions. Thankfully, it’s a process we know and understand well.