We invest in & guide companies with international ambitions.

Epicon Solutions is the culmination of more than 20 years of experience in business, from building sales strategies and managing units to providing executive leadership on a global level. We help companies with international ambitions by providing investment capital with active involvement that advises on growth and expansion to foreign markets.

How we help companies grow

Angel investment that's "active"

Investing with a hands-on approach, Epicon Solutions provides the support along with capital that companies need to reach their goals.

Advice on strategy & expansion

With knowledge drawn from a diverse background, Epicon Solutions can guide companies to make the decisions for them to succeed.

Experience in the global market

Years of experience doing business and building trust around the world allows Epicon Solutions to help companies expand internationally.

Companies we work with

Epicon Solutions primarily works with small to medium-sized companies, usually in the mining and heavy industry sectors, who are looking for ways to develop and secure shareholder value. Companies that are skilled in developing products but lack the knowledge or staff to handle expansion, either strategically or internationally.

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